• Monday Feb 22nd, 1st Mar, 8th 15th and 22nd
  • 10am – 12, via Zoom
  • £120/course
  • You will be sent a zoom link for the course
  • Please see materials list towards the end of this information

Eve Dawson, who is a professional artist & mentor, specializes in an expressionist and intuitive style of working which is full of energy and colour.

What happens each week

Week 1  

Introduction tools and techniques            

Eve will start with a introduction of Acrylic paints, techniques and the tools used to achieve those techniques. This will be presented as a live demonstration that you can also paint along to. Next Eve will ask you to start to think about what you would like to produce in the weeks to follow, either a sky scape, landscape or seascape and how you might incorporate the techniques that you have been shown and also at this stage some thought to the colours to be used too. You will be asked to gather images of either or the above or If you prefer you can use a image provided by Eve.

Week 2

Choosing your subject Sky, Land or Sea & sketches in paint

Once you have chosen an image or have an image in mind, Eve will encourage you to create some preliminary painted sketches that will give you the confidence to move on to a bigger working surface. These sketches in paint are extremely useful especially in areas such as colour and mark making. Eve will discuss, demonstrate and work alongside you.

Week 3      

Moving on – Working on canvas 

This week you will, if you haven’t already (because everyone works at a different speed) start work on your actual canvas, transferring all your ideas from the painted sketches onto the canvas.  Learn what to include, what to abstract, how you might approach the process, what kind of brushstrokes to use, and which colours, textures and materials, using your chosen image as inspiration or working in a completely serendipitous way. Eve will be at hand to guide you through this stage of the process of creating your own abstract interpretation of Sky, Land or Sea. 

Week 4 

Working on canvas

This week you will be continuing with your work, Eve will be at hand to answer any questions or give tips and hints. encouraged to create a painting that puts into practise all you have learnt so far.

Week 5

Final stages

This is the final week, so during this session Eve will encourage you to take a reflective look at your work and to raise any questions or ask for any advise. Is the work finished do you feel that you have come to a natural organic end or do you feel that there is more to add? Eve will be happy to discuss this as a group or individually. 


  • 3 large ready made canvases or thick cartridge paper A1,
  • Acrylic Paints: Any paints you may already have including:
  • Titanium White,
  • Payne’s Grey,
  • Indigo,
  • Ultramarine Blue,
  • Cadmium Red,
  • Magenta or Rose,
  • Lemon Yellow,
  • Cadmium Yellow, all available from The Range or online with Amazon.

Tools for applying paint:  straight edge brushes, rounded brushes, palette knives, plastic scrapers, old credit cards, sponges and old house brushes, plastic sheeting to protect walls and all surfaces, water sprayer, apron or old shirt. Two jam jars for water. Plus kitchen roll for general mopping up!

You will need to be able to work upright so arrange an area at home where you can place an easel if you have one, either free standing, or table top, or a drawing board, avoid working flat. 

Eve loves to share her art experiences and skills and during the course will encourage you to explore acrylics as a medium. This course via Zoom, will feel like a ‘one to one’ master class where you will discover a variety of methods & techniques.

Eve is happy to receive emails afterwards for any additional feedback or help.