In the studio you will make an intensive journey from colour mixing experiences, compositional decision making and painterly, abstraction-inspired painting tasks that will set you up for your on-going developments as a painter. You will be encouraged to re-think your usage of colour and paint application from a disciplined knowledge base to improvisatory and inventive options.

  • Tutor, Geoff Hands
  • 10,11,12 October, 2022
  • £250/3 days
  • 10.00 – 16.00
  • Some experience of painting needed
  • In the Studio at Bransbury
  • Tea and coffee available throughout the day. Please bring your own lunch.

If you would like help finding somewhere to stay please email

What to expect on this course

Four developmental exercises will reinvigorate and extend the journey that you (may) have already started before joining this class. There will be suggestions for extending your practice as necessary.

Be prepared to reconnect to the discipline of painting or to fortify your personal practice as it stands.

You will be encouraged to carefully select colours for mixing and compositional use; to look carefully and critically at your own work and to extend your practice in relation to historical and contemporary painting in relation to the use of colour and medium.

Planning and improvisation are equally stressed as aspects of the overall adventure and challenges of painting.

Of his approach to teaching Geoff Hands says:

“I encourage students to work with a disciplined kind of freedom. As with writing you have to find your ‘voice’ and this often demands trial and error to build confidence. The painting and drawing media and various visual processes are on an equal footing with the apparent subject matter and so you have to mediate and discover the real subject through the physical process of painting and drawing – both outside and in the studio.”

Geoff Hands has his own art writing website named fineartruminations and he has contributed many articles for AbCrit, Conceptual Fine Arts (Milan), Instantloveland and Saturation Point. He has also written catalogue essays for Sussex based painters, Mary Grant and Jane Campling.


  • Set of acrylic paints (primary colours plus white are essential)
  • something on which to mix your paints
  • Variety of paint brushes (for acrylic painting)
  • A1 drawing paper (220gsm recommended)
  • 2 canvases
  • A folder or large bag for your completed artwork