Abeer Elkhateb is a painter, sculptor and researcher. Born in Baghdad, he spent a short time in Jordan before finally settling in The Netherlands, where he lived for almost 20 years. He studied Fine Art and exhibited all over before moving to the UK to complete his MA in Fine Art .

Abeer has built an extensive wealth of experience working with a multitude of mediums throughout his +35 years of engaging with visual arts.

As a sculptor and painter he works with wax, clay, plaster, cement, metal, and the process of bronze casting.

Anna | Oil on canvas | 2010
Working on Lovers on horse | 2013

Bronze from Life

He is always interested in capturing the light in his landscape paintings, portraits, figurative and narrative paintings. He is also highly practiced in human anatomy and has a great mastery of oil-colours, water-colours, acrylics, and ink.

He is also a master at the making of paper for paintings or graphic printing including canvas treatment for acrylics or oil-paintings