Scottish Colourists in Woking

Chris Davis has been teaching our Intermediate Painting class this term. The bold use of colour, line and mark, characteristic of the work of this group, has informed the tasks his class has undertaken this term.  His students have produced impressive results.

The Light Box at Woking is not the easiest place to locate nor is the parking straight forward, but once you have overcome these hurdles there is an excellent exhibition of work by the Scottish Colourists in one large room. Probably 40 or so paintings together with letters and a sketchbook are all there to be seen.

There are one or two landscapes of considerable size that relate to the times spent on the Scottish Island of Iona. You can see the influences of the Post Impressionists, such as Cezanne.  The colours and marks are bold with the majority of pictures painted in oil.

There are many portraits and the still life paintings of Peploe that have become such a trade mark of this group.

I enjoyed this exhibition very much and came away much the wiser, accompanied by an excellent book on Peploe written by his grandson Guy.