A pre-recorded course: “Watercolour from the Beginning”, with Sarah Chalmers

An academic view point with reference to masters of this media, as well as painting techniques on how to use watercolours effectively. Sarah helps you to explore, discover and observe enabling you to find your own way of painting in watercolour.

This exciting and informative full course is £140


Discovery, Tools and Techniques

Sarah Chalmers looks at the skills needed in painting watercolour using some brilliant artists to show the way.

Video 1 – Cezanne – The Handshake of Colour

Video 2 – Morandi  – Rhythm and Harmony in a Painting

Video 3 – Elizabeth Blackadder – Wet on Wet

Video 4 – Landscapes – Constable, John Piper and much more

Video 5 – Tools to use with Watercolour – inks masking fluids, salt, and wax

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