We are running workshops from the atmospheric Hampshire Art studio barn at Tiebridge, just outside Stockbridge. The barn is on the edge of the water meadows by the River Test in an idyllic spot. Spacious and quiet with all our normal facilities (easels, tables, boards and biscuits).

We want to mark the start of this new venue with a Fresh Look at Drawing, priced enticingly, with Kate Measham encouraging you to do the impossible, and surprise yourself along the way.

Three Classes, Three Days at the New Studio

Monday 23rd January, Drawing: Interiors the Seen and Unseen

The Hampshire Art Studio Barn at Tiebridge will be a new experience for most of you. This class will explore every inch of the interior. How will we describe the unseen – the space, the age of the building, what goes on behind the doors, above the rafters, how does it feel to be here? How do we describe what we can see – the shadows, the light and objects within the barn? Big questions. Let’s try to make the impossible POSSIBLE.

Tuesday 24th January, Drawing: an Introduction for Beginners

Come and have a go at drawing with us at Hampshire Art studio. This will be a fun, exciting day for beginners, the rusty, and the uncertain. We will provide the materials, the tea, coffee and surprisingly good cake – you just have to turn up and have a go. We hope this will be a first step into a world of possibilities.

Wednesday 25th January, Drawing: Time and Place

A drawing can capture more than a moment in time without having to be a pretend photograph. This class will look at being in a place over a day. There will be changes, alterations (to yourself and to the drawings). Trying to capture images of the place, contrasting the ephemeral and the more solid, will change your ideas about the environment you occupy, and something of the nature of time.

These are the three classes that go together to make up A Fresh look at Drawing. You can do one day, two days, or the whole thing.

We want to encourage you to bring people with you, possibly friends you have made whilst doing other courses with us, or the partners in your lives, a family member, or a friend who doesn’t know about Hampshire Art studio but who might well enjoy classes with us. If you have only just discovered us come to a class with a friend as moral support (though we are a friendly crew).


If you want to take any of the classes each class will be £60/full day.

If you bring someone with you it will be £100/2 people/for 1 full day.

If you (alone) take all the classes it will be £150/3 days

Have a look at the class pages and book.


Please bring:

  • a pad of A1 cartridge paper
  • Newspaper
  • brown paper (parcel paper) Black paper/ wrapping paper
  • Black and white acrylic paint
  • Wall painting size brush, mix of other sizes
  • sponge or similar
  • charcoal (including large pieces)
  • indian ink, dipping pen or twig
  • 6B pencil and others
  • water soluble graphite stick
  • cheap retractable pencil (tesco’s do their own packs of them)
  • erasure
  • 2 rolls of masking tape
  • pritt stick (maybe 2)
  • cheap children’s colours, either waxy crayons or paint sticks, or something similar – to draw with rather than paint.
  • suitable clothing
  • lunch

This may appear to be a very long list but most things are not expensive. I want as many different things to draw with as possible. If you have a problem getting hold of A1 pad we can order a pack of 100 sheets of A1 paper for £45 but would need 10 days warning.