Woodland Colour Drawings

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The focus of many workshops is to get to the end with a pretty picture to take home. With Michael Weller’s second Woodland workshop you will be trying a few things and having fun with line and colour. Enjoy the process, try many different, maybe new approaches, some suggested by Michael, some discovered as the course progresses.

People are encouraged to work on scraps of paper and card with wet and dry materials like paintsticks and soft pastels, ink and charcoal.

  • Tutor, Michael Weller NEAC
  • Monday/Tuesday 19/20 June, 2023
  • £175/workshop
  • Some experience of drawing helps but all levels are welcome.
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits available. Please bring your own lunch
  • lots of parking down a country track

What to expect on Woodland Colour Drawings

Both mornings start outside with a short demo by Michael and quick line drawings and colour studies. On the first afternoon people can spend longer on their pictures. The second afternoon is spent painting from drawings – using big brushes, newspaper and hands to put down big areas of colour on paper.

Michael goes round and talks to people one to one thoughout the day. Help will be given.

Artists it might be helpful to look at. Ivon Hitchens. Turner’s more hazy abstract watercolours.


  • Scrap paper or card are recommended. Used envelopes. Mountboard. Recycled card (cereal packets, say). Not corrugated cardboard.
  • Or a sketchbook or two. Small or medium sketchbook easier to carry. A5 size is good. Square sketchbooks.
  • A twig dipped in ink for outline drawings. Quink Ink from WH Smith. Pentel brushpen – cartridges of ink.
  • Chunk of compressed charcoal. Black Bic Pen is great.
  • Soft pastels for putting down colours quickly. Jacksons Art soft pastels are good value. Unison pastels are supposed to be the best.
  • Little Brian Paintsticks (age 3+) are cheap and good for blocking in colour. Like gluesticks or lipstick.

We will try to work outside throughout but there is a fallback plan if necessary. Studio easels are available if you need to borrow them. If you have portable plein air equipment it would be a good idea to bring it with you

It helps me so much to have feedback, please leave a comment

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