On the Shoulders of Giants

The class will be via Zoom.

See http://www.hampshireart.studio for more information

Although museums and galleries are closed to the public at the moment their catalogue of treasures are available at the click of a button. This is a wonderful opportunity to travel around time and space to look at some of the wonderful art of the world. You will build your work on the shoulders of giants.

This class is about looking at one of the fantastic creative works available and using it to your advantage. It is not about copying. By the end of this class you will be on your way to making something from new that will be entirely your own.


  • tracing paper
  • photocopy of the pictures
  • drawing materials, pencils, charcoal etc
  • large cartridge paper, a few sheets
  • quick and easy paints or something to apply colour

You will be working towards a final piece, looking at colour, line, composition, narrative, perspective, and anything else that arises.

Don’t let yourself feel you know the direction you wish to take before you start the process.

Be prepared to explore, investigate and let the picture lead you in a new direction.

If you are looking for classes and courses

If you are looking for classes and courses please follow this link to Hampshire Art studio

From the Anthony Gormley Exhibition at the Royal Academy, photo by Kate Measham

At Hampshire Art studio we run regular classes online and in the studio at Bransbury.

Hopefully in 2021 it will be possible to resume the wonderful art weeks at Casa Rosa in Spain.

As soon as the coast is clear we will tell you. If you want to make EXTRA sure your name is one of the first on the list for information about course dates send me an email: kate@artdrawpaint.com