Size Matters

  • Thursday 15th-Friday 16th October
  • From 10.00am to 4.00 pm each day.
  • £160/2 days
  • A list of suggested materials is below
  • Please bring a light lunch each day during the course whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place.

About Size Matters

Size Matters sounds too obvious to be of interest, but it goes to the heart of the problems most people have with their work – how to deal with composition..

If you have a picture you can hold oil your hand your reaction to it is quite different to a huge painting you need to stand back from to be able to see. If you have a small representation of your loved ones in a locket, or in your wallet you can hold them close to you.

Geoffrey Dashwood’s Peregrine Falcon in bronze is considerably larger than me. Standing near it I feel like the potential prey.

The size of the piece MATTERS.

You will be looking at miniatures, shoulder works and larger pieces over these two days. You will be exploring size and shape of supports, brushstrokes, markmaking and more.


Please bring as much of the following as possible:

  • charcoal, pencils and general drawing equipment
  • A1/2 paper, or wallpaper lining paper
  • Masking tape and Pritt Stick
  • a pad of large oil painting paper
  • scissors
  • brushes of different sizes including your largest and your smallest, oil paints, solvent, palette, jam jars, rags,
  • lunch


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