What next for Art Draw Paint?

Over the last few years I have been running Art Draw Paint as a vehicle for my classes, blogs about materials connected painting, drawing, and exhibitions. Occasionally I have mentioned other artists and other things going on.

All this is going to continue – so what is new?

Classes are going to continue but under the banner of HAMPSHIRE ART studio. There are going to be more classes with some new tutors, classes at new sites, sculpture, a look at art and wellbeing, and masterclasses.

If you go to the website you can see classes for this coming term. Shortly there will be classes added for the Spring term, and occasional pop-up classes. I think it is very exciting.

Art Draw Paint will continue with posts about my classes and as my blog. It will be a personal view with my suggestions. I will be teaching classes with HAMPSHIRE ART studio.


Come to The Studio, Bransbury for Hampshire Open Studio 2019. The work of the Wednesday Group of 9 is on display with one or two intruders.

Art Draw Paint with HAMPSHIRE ART studio

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