Art Classes in East Winterslow 2018

A quick reminder about upcoming classes.

IMG_1663Beginners Drawing, or ‘Can’t Draw; Won’t Draw’

Tuesday 9th, January, 2018, 10.00am – 1.00pm,

£40/head. All materials included

The aim of this morning is to remind you that drawing is fun, that you can learn to be better at it, and that it can lead to all other visual art forms. It is a pleasure in itself. This one off drawing class will introduce you to different aspects of drawing in an encouraging environment.

All materials are provided – you just have to turn up ready to have a go.

Drawing, Drawing, Drawing

January 11th, 25th, February 8th, 22nd, March 8th and 22nd,

10am – 1.00pm, or 2.00pm – 5.00 pm

£165 for whole term

This is a regular fixture on alternate Thursdays. Pick am or pm sessions. Space is limited so there will be a max of 6 per class. Drawing is a skill; it requires practise, guidance and encouragement, adventure and more practise. In this class you will be taught about materials, different techniques and, importantly, you will learn how to look.

This class is appropriate for all abilities.

Old holland

Oil Painting for Beginners I – Starting Out on Saturday Mornings

6th and 27th January, 10am – 1pm,

£90/two sessions, materials included

There is a mystique about painting with oils paints that needs to be shattered. In these classes you will learn, from scratch, the basic mechanics of painting with oils. This is perfect for total beginners, people who know about watercolour but not oils, people who haven’t picked up a brush in a while, or those who have been given a lovely set of paints and don’t know what to do next. I will teach you the basic skills that you can start to build upon. I provide the materials needed for this early stage. If you wish you can join the follow on class Oil Painting for Beginners, II.

Oil Painting for Beginners II (Colour) on Saturday Mornings

17th and 24th February, 3rd March, 10 am – 1pm £115/three sessions


If you have done the Beginners Oil Painting class the question is what to do next. On this course you will start to look at colour. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Classes are held at: Ramshill, East Winterslow.
Contact Kate Measham for more information about these and other courses.


or telephone: 01980 863155




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