Portraits in the Yurt; Mixed Media, Mixed Generations

Parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles join us in the yurt for an exciting portrait session.

24th August, 2017, 2.00pm – 5.00pm

1 adult, plus 1 child, (age 8 – 13), £40/pair, additional children £15 each (max 3 per adult)

materials provided


In a world of smart phone snaps, and selfies, how can you make a portrait that says more?


Using lots of different methods of drawing, a bit of mask making, a lot of cutting up and pasting develop portraits of each other that are a bit different.

The adults will make portraits of the children and the children will make portraits of the adults, or of each other. These won’t be traditional portraits just based on what a person  looks like, but will include interests, hobbies, aspirations….everything that goes to make a person.

No special skills necessary, just be ready to see yourself afresh.
For more information contact Kate Measham at: Kate@pennylanefarm.com

It helps me so much to have feedback, please leave a comment

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