Life Drawing

This month we have two different approaches to Life Drawing, on two days, in two different places, 13th and 14th February, Wherwell and Bransbury.


Monday 13th February

Life Drawing, Rip it up and start again

Wherwell Studios

6.00pm-9.00pm evening

£45/evening (or £80/2 if you pay in advance)


This class is slightly in the spirit of ‘let’s NOT make boring pictures’. This will be life drawing and life collage (a new art school discipline?)

It is so easy to come to a life class, make yourself comfortable and draw the body in front of you in the same way you drew it last time.  How can you encourage yourself to improve?

Practise certainly improves drawing skills, but it doesn’t make you think about new approaches and new ideas. Looking at other artists work is a good way to learn new techniques, and trying something you may not have thought of before can help. I like to take the anxiety out of the studio and introduce a sense of playfulness, exploration and adventure.

In this class you will recycle and reuse your own marks, tones and textures, and introduce others from outside sources. Once you have tried this technique you may have a fresh approach to drawing with a new regard for line and mark.

Tuesday, February 14th (St Valentine’s Day)

Life Drawing, Chocolate Cake, Happiness

Instead of sitting at home, or eating at an overpriced restaurant (talking in hushed tones) join us for St Valentine’s Day, eat cake and draw.

chocolate-cakeMy blurb about the course at Wherwell on 13th February is all about thinking outside the box, trying new approaches etc.  All a very good thing to do.

But sometimes…

It is just as important to sink into the comfy-armchair-of-Life-Drawing, remind yourself about its relaxing qualities, drift into ‘the zone’.

This is Life Drawing as a pleasure.

If you know someone who has not tried life drawing before, bring them along. I will guide you through the evening and there will be chocolate cake included…

Materials will be provided. Suitable for all standards.

Riverside Yurt Cafe – winter quarters

6.00pm-9.00pm evening

£45/evening (or £80/2 if you pay in advance) or £80/couple

It helps me so much to have feedback, please leave a comment

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