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If you want to join any of these courses contact me,  Kate Measham, or call on 01980 863155

Painting in Andalucia

Join us in October for a week in Andalucia, painting and drawing the countryside in spring. I am off to Casa Rosa in March for our Spring trip. Details of October’s outing will be published soon. Rough dates are 1st-7th October…put them in your diary.

The Drawing Course 2019

In Brief…for more information about each week please click on the underlined dates.

This is VERY flexible. You can book in for a 1 day course, 5 separate 1 day courses, a week or the whole 5 weeks (20% reduction if you commit to the whole course). Almost any combination you can think of is possible.

If you want to try the introduction week before you book for the whole 5 weeks you will still qualify for the 20% reduction…

January 14th – 18th Introduction £450/week OR £90/day

  • Learning to look (1day)
  • Discovering materials (1day)
  • Composition (1day)
  • Expressive drawing (1day)
  • The Start of things to come (1day)

February 11th – 15th Expression, Line and Mark £450/week OR £90/day

  • Yoga and mindful life drawing (1day)
  • Expressive mark making, Van Gogh,  Cy Twombly and you (3days)
  • Music and movement (1day)

March 4th, and 5th,11th and 12th – What is it, how big, and where does it go?


  • Learning to look (1day)
  • Composition (1day)
  • Size matters (2 days)

No Drawing Week in April

May 14th – 16th On the shoulders of giants


On the shoulders of giants, first day will be at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (3 days)

Life Drawing, Papier Mache Sculpture and Paint

8th, 9th and 10th April

Please click on heading for more information.

Drawing, Painting, Drawing, Painting, Drawing, Painting

These classes will be held at: The Studio, Bransbury, Nr Barton Stacey, SO21 3QJ

  • Drawing will be mornings only, 10.00am – 1.00pm £40/morning
  • Painting will be all day, 10.00am – 4.00pm £80/day
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is charcoal3a.jpg
Charcoal…almost painting, almost drawing

Regular drawing and painting is the best way to learn and to improve.

Here are six classes, on alternate weeks…always on a Thursday.

These are all stand alone classes.

As far as possible, the painting class will paint a Still Life that was drawn in the previous drawing class. You can still come to the painting class if you weren’t at the drawing class, and you don’t have to come to painting classes if you only want to draw.

  • Thursday, 4th April – Drawing
  • Thursday, 11th April – Painting
  • Thursday, 2nd May – Drawing
  • Thursday, 9th May – Painting
  • Thursday, 23rd May – Drawing
  • Thursday, 30th May – Painting

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