All I want for Christmas…


The last minute panic

Bits and bobs for artists (or even major purchases) are easy – there are so many useful, fun, interesting, innovative things that could slip into a stocking, or hide under the Christmas tree. This list could be endless.  You might find you rather fancy taking up painting too. Below are a few ideas, with links to make it easy.

If you want to touch and feel the goodies you are buying and are in Stockbridge have a look at ELEF, the new art supplies shop, opposite the Greyhound.  They stock top of the range supplies in all media.

Memberships to any of the following:

Royal Academy

National Gallery


The Art Fund


For all those who want to ‘take up art…’

Obviously, lessons at ArtDrawPaint, plus –

There are lots of sets available for beginners/returners.  They all look so inviting – like sweeties in a shop window.

Oil painting involves paints, brushes, palettes, paper, blah blah blah. For a  cheap and cheerful set with all you would need to get started have a look at Daler Rowney Starter bundle. There seems to be a bit of a gap with linseed oil and thinners and palettes but enough to get started, or to take to classes.

At the other end of the price scale is a top of the range Old Holland set – very luxurious.

In the watercolour market there are lots of delightful sets of varying sizes

I’m a bit hopeless with watercolours so hardly ever use them – however these wonderful bright paints from Koh-i-noor look like watercolours but are bright and wonderful. I would LOVE these in my stocking

Two different acrylic options – I love the liquitex collection…it always excites me to see so many wonderful colours

If you fancy a go at lino cutting this is an easy to use basic kit. It is addictive


For the artist who seems to have quite a lot of stuff already…

There are three options in this category: something they use regularly, something unusual they might not know about, and  something you can’t have enough of…

Something they use regularly is a tricky one.  My husband is a keen fisherman and it seems to me that trawling through the kit is one of the pleasures of fishing. Likewise with painting. I use Old Holland paints and love them. It is delightful that anyone should have noticed and thought they could buy me a few, but actually I want to choose my own. You are a brave person to think you know what to buy in this category. I’d leave it.

Something unusual can be fun. Pip Seymour’s ancient drawing materials are certainly unusual, and fun to work with – some are easier than others, but that is part of the fun.

This is a tricky one to describe – graphite that feels like a putty rubber is the best I can do. Good stuff.

Things you can’t have enough of… The two things I would put in this category are brushes and books. Buy the best brushes you can afford to give, and have a look in every Oxfam, Scope, Hospice shop for art books – second hand they are not too expensive.

A hardback sketchbook is pretty irresistible too.


An Easel to last a lifetime

Each Mabef easel is made in Italy from good quality beech wood. Amongst professional and ametuer artists Mabef easels have been the popular choice for over 50 years.

Grand Gestures…

How about a few days in Paris to see the ‘Icons of Modern Art, the Shchukin Collection’ at the Foundation Louis Vuitton, designed by Frank Gehry?

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