More to Still Life than Onions

Autumn Still Life Series at Wherwell Studio

I have had worried calls from various people to say they can’t do the whole course, but can I break it down into bite sized pieces. Hopefully these newly batched classes fit the bill. The dates are the same as previously advertised, and it is still based on Still Life, but these approaches can be applied to other form of creativity.

What, How Big and Where shall I put it?

£45/1 class, or £120/3 classes, 9.30am – 12.45pm

20th Sept. Learning to look – This is the basis of all drawing and painting and is surprisingly easy to ignore, especially when you think you ‘know’ an object. This class will show you various ways to trick you into seeing what is in front of you.

27th Sept. Size Matters – What size paper/canvas/board are you working towards? What size image? What about the space?  It is so easy to pick up the same old sketch book and do the same thing time and again. Let’s make it more interesting. In this class you will be encouraged to be creative about size.

4th Oct. Composition and Repetition – It is tempting to dive straight in to a picture, full of enthusiasm, and ignore the boring planning. Don’t ignore it – embrace it. You will have a look at different types of composition, play with a few, and then dive in with enthusiasm.

Contact me for more details and availability

Why is this in a Still Life?

£45/1 class, or £120/3 classes, 9.30am – 12.45pm

11th Oct. Narrative – Back to onions…There are lots of reasons to paint onions, but what are you trying to say? An onion, a kitchen knife, a cook book, and a soup bowl start to tell a story. A line of onions in various stages of being prepared tells a slightly different story. This class is all about what you want to say, and how to say it.

18th Oct. Everyday Items, Strange Compositions, Deviations – Let’s not be dull. This is a look at the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

8th Nov. Make it Personal – These are your paintings. What are you doing and why? How do you decide what to do next?

Contact me for more details and availability

Back to the Onions…

£45/1 class, or £120/3 classes, 9.30am – 12.45pm

15th Nov. Cezanne does Still Life –Pretty much what it says on the box. You will be using Cezanne as a guide and inspiration for an oniony Still Life.

22nd Nov. Colour as it isn’t – This class will look at restricted palettes, and imagined colour. In your pictures you can use WHATEVER colour you like, but this freedom isn’t examined as much as it should be.

29th Nov. Throw Everything at it – Dreadful title, but that is what some people think about mixed media. Some think of it as Blue Peter goes wild in the Early Learning Centre. This class is about an open approach, exploring different effects, playing with resists, glue, anything to hand.

Contact me for more details and availability


£45/ class, or free if you have paid for all the other courses

6th Dec. A Christmas themed morning combining everything!

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