Life drawing, looking, seeing, understanding

There are life classes available all over the country offering a variety of different models, environments, coffee, style, method and music.

What is it you are looking for?Are you looking carefully? Are you prepared to be bored and then work out how not to be bored? To take risks? To add elements to your picture and to take them away?

The link below is to the a brief series of short Masterclass films made by the Tate. Well worth the 10 mins it takes to watch them.

Book in to Life Class series at the Riverside Yurt Cafe in October.

Autumn Classes at Riverside Yurt Cafe

One thought on “Life drawing, looking, seeing, understanding

  1. Hi Kate, hope you’re having a glorious summer. I’d like to do your life drawing classes on those 3 Wednesday’s in October please. Wednesday will work well for me. I’ve put them firmly in my diary, do I need to do anything else for them now?



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