A Day by the River Test

Wednesday was surprisingly busy for a contemplative sort of day. The aim of the course was  to capture the day, the moment,  and the experience of the senses and the river. Wonderful, imaginative work was produced. Delicious lunch. No rain.

The time was filled with strimming, mowing, humming, rubbing, sticking, reading, mapping, drawing, drawing, drawing, painting, thinking and writing. There are so many different aspects to capture, so much information to gather and the dilemma of ‘what do I want to say?’ and ‘how do I say it?”.


from “River Barrow”, by Ted Hughes

  Trees inverted

Even in this sliding place are perfect.

All evil suspended. Flies

Teem over my hands, twanging their codes

In and out of my ear's beam. Future, past,

Reading each other in the water mirror

Barely tremble the thick nerve.

Heavy belly

Of river, solid mystery

With a living vein.

There were vital moments to pause, contemplate and drink coffee (delicious cakes at Riverside Yurt Cafe too).


There is a further day at The Riverside Yurt Cafe on 6th July, discovering their lavender field. The morning will be spent painting and drawing and trying lavender jams with cream tea at coffee time – I’m sure coffee will be allowed. To find out more try this link

Lavender Workshop

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