A river is a slow experience


22nd June, 2016

It is so easy to jump out of a car, to snap a photo with a smart phone and feel we have caught something. A river is a slow experience. Spend a day capturing the moment and a sense of time, place and spirit of the river.

In the beautiful setting of the Riverside Yurt, near Barton Stacey on the Test, you will look at different ways to record being by the river. In this workshop you will look at how to capture a sense of place, season, and the sounds and flora that go with it. We will consider how maps, poetry, music and sounds are able to inform your work. Possibly Pinterest meets the Test?


Using a mixed media approach you will explore the environment, gathering information. You will be drawing things of interest, recording the rhythms, textures and colours of the river, and bringing them together to form a final piece.

This will involve a mix of skills including different drawing methods, frottage, collage and colour work.

This will be more than a quick snapshot, but a reflection of your day.


We will provide drawing boards, paper, some mixed media materials, chairs and tables. You should bring scissors, Pritt stick, a graphite stick/pastel, drawing pencils, and as varied a collection of ‘art gear’ as you can think of carrying, and think could possibly be useful (think holiday packing – too many tee shirts, but you never know what you might you need) This is not helpful but don’t worry; bring what you can, and a certain invention will fill the gaps. A good online store to try is Cass Art.
Cass Art


This workshop would be appropriate for all abilities.

22nd June, 2016


£77/day, including lunch and coffee



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