A morning drawing by the Test

BBC weather promised a dry morning. This was not the case but our intrepid artists did not let this hold them back. There were brief moments of hiding under trees, but in general most work was done on the riverbank.  Well done everyone.

The morning was about drawing, different methods and different media.

A variety of different materials were tried, many for the first time. Graphite, carbon,ink, BBQ charcoal, propelling pencils and anything else we could lay our hands on was given a go. Some pictures used raindrops as interesting marks. Pens were whittled from twigs collected from the area outside the yurt. Baby wipes were used as an artistic implement, possibly for the first time EVER.

All the work produced made good use of the beautiful setting with studies of various flora and fauna.

The retreat to coffee and delicious cake in the warmth of the yurt was welcome as the heavens opened.

Next week on Wednesday 22nd June we have a full day of river study with a delicious lunch included. For more information have a look at River

Toby the spaniel loved the whole thing…he’s in there somewhereIMG_0075



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