Late Spring Classes

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Monday – Beginners Oil Painting Class

Learn to paint with Oil Paints. This course takes you from total beginner to oil painting artist in a matter of weeks. Quite a big claim!

You will learn the mechanics of oil painting, step by step. Every class starts with drawing exercises that lead into new painting techniques. Then you can be confident to have a go at anything.

Monday – Beginners Oil Painting Class


Tuesdays are Still Life at Wherwell

Weekly Workshop

Every week there will be a Still Life set up. This is a time for you to try new skills, experiment with old skills. It is not a taught class, but friendly suggestions and  advice is always available. The studio is open all day, I will be there throughout the day, and you can stay for as long as you want.

Tuesdays are Still Life at Wherwell



Composition is the cornerstone of all creative work.

This workshop is about making your work do what you want it to do.  Too often enthusiasm makes us dive in without stopping to think about what we are aiming at. This is a the PAUSE and THINK button.



Once a month Life Drawing

Life Drawing on a Tuesday evening, once a month in term time.

An Evening of Life Drawing – The first Tuesday of each month


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