First Tuesday

Life Drawing at Wherwell Priory



Easels provided, please bring your own materials. Please send me a message if you are interested in coming along.

Tea, coffee and biscuits also provided.

Shipping Forecast…any minute


Painting the Squall, the Storm and Poor Visibility

9th and 10th march 2016

9.30am –  4.00pm


The Shipping Forecast is a well known friend to many, sailors and non-sailors alike. The poetic language and rhythms are companions to the insomniac and the early riser. In this course you will endeavour to capture something of the broadcast, whether you find it alarming, stormy, mysterious, frightening or calming.

We will look at other artists whose work has reflected the sea, storms, or otherwise. You will be drawing and painting, thinking about colours, tones and textures that inspire similar emotions to the Forecast.

The forecast contains details of gale warnings in force, a general synopsis and sea-area forecasts containg forecast wind direction and force, weather and visibility.

The shipping forecast is issued four times a day at 2300, 0500, 1100, 1700 UTC and covers a period of 24 hours from 0000, 0600, 1200 and 1800 UTC respectively.

shipping forecast sea areas
shipping forecast sea areas

The waters around the British Isles are divided into 31 sea areas show on the map

Gale warnings are issued as required throughout the day (for winds of Gale Force 8 or more).

The forecast, excluding the header line, has a limit of 370 words, and has a very strict format.

There are warnings of gales in Rockall, Malin, Hebrides, Bailey, and Fair Isle

Turner: Waves Breaking against the Wind

  • Humber, Thames. Southeast veering southwest 4 or 5, occasionally 6 later. Thundery showers. Moderate or good, occasionally poor.
  • Tyne, Dogger. Northeast 3 or 4. Occasional rain. Moderate or poor.
  • Rockall, Malin, Hebrides. Southwest gale 8 to storm 10, veering west, severe gale 9 to violent storm 11. Rain, then squally showers. Poor, becoming moderate.
  • Southeast Iceland. North 7 to severe gale 9. Heavy snow showers. Good, becoming poor in showers. Moderate icing.

NEW – Monday morning beginners oil class


Monday – Beginners Oil Painting Class

Monday Morning Oil Class

Class Dates and Times


Feb 22nd, 29th and Mar 7th and 14th

£120 for course, (if you want to use 22nd February as a taster day – £40)

Start  the week with this new class on a monday morning.

Painting is one of those things that many people say they are going to ‘get around to it sometime’. Now is the moment.

The world of oil painting is vast, exciting and relatively straight forward. Once you learn the basic methods you will be able to tackle anything.

If you have had little, or no experience of painting in oils this is the class for you. If you have come to previous oil painting classes with me this could also be the class for you. Basic principles will be introduced and reinforced. As with all things, practise makes painting easier.

If you are interested, or would like more information please contact me –