Experimental Drawing, part 1

Experimental drawing is a rich dish

Thursday’s class was supposed to be a taster day, but it has been renamed part one, (amuse bouche? appetiser? pseuds corner? moi?) 

The class played with the cornerstone of art classes – The Still Life

After various exercises involving different drawing media, collaborative drawing, drawing with different hands etc, they moved on to design drawings of individual items. These items were removed and the class had to build from their drawings; Blue Peter would have been proud of the cornflake box concoctions. Having made their new bowls, pots and pieces,  the class redrew the still life – staying true to the new forms.

I had great fun watching the still life  through all its various stages of creation. The final forms created a still life that echoed its inspiration, but took it in a new direction. The artists were in control of their work, but the journey brought its own surprises.

If this sort of class sounds of interest to you look out for experimental drawing part 1. Other Experimental Drawing classes will be available as one off days, each with a very different focus.

For more information contact Kate Measham – kate@artdrawpaint.com

2 thoughts on “Experimental Drawing, part 1”

  1. I was a pupil for the Experimental Drawing morning: it was the greatest of fun, though I’m not sure any of us would have been awarded a Blue Peter badge! It was extraordinary how all of us not only enjoyed it hugely but gained a lot from the use of different drawing materials. I really recommend this course for helping to “break out of the box” and for getting a new perspective into one’s art. Thank you Kate.


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