November Classes

It is getting more and more wintery by the day, possibly by the hour. Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Christmas Fayres are at full throttle.  It must be  time to think about indoor pleasures unless you are a determined Labrador.

There are a number of art classes to tempt you to something new in November, all held at Wherwell Priory Studio.

From Charcoal into Oil Painting

An introduction to oil painting

17th, 24th November and 1st, 8th December

9.30-1.00 each day


17th November could be used as a taster day for £35

This course will look at the basic steps into oil painting, using charcoal drawing as an introduction to tonal work and mark making – not as frightening as it sounds.

This is a good course to do if you have never picked up a hog hair paintbrush, or if you need a reminder about how to approach it.

I will provide most materials so you don’t have to spend a fortune before you know whether you like using oils.

Shipping Forecast – There are warnings of gales in Rockall, Malin, Hebrides and Bailey

Painting the Squall, the Storm and Poor Visibility

18th and 19th November

9.30 – 4.00 each day.

£140/2 days

The Shipping Forecast is a well known friend to many, and a lifeline to some. The poetic language and rhythms are companions to the insomniac and early riser alike.  On this course you will endeavour to capture something of the broadcast, whether you find it alarming, stormy, frightening or calming.

Think of this as interpreting poetry from a slightly foreign, but recognisable, language, or, music in a visual form.

There is no right, or wrong, answer to your interpretation, no correct materials, 2D or 3D. Don’t be alarmed by this apparently open approach – you will be guided along the way, and helped if you need it.

Please contact me if you are interested, want to know more, or are alarmed but interested –

An Evening of Life Drawing

First Tuesday of each month



Life drawing with a mixture of short and long poses. This is directed so suitable for beginners, and for the more experienced.

Please contact me if you are interested so I know how many easels to put out.


Painting on a Monday

Still Life at Wherwell

I didn’t mean for this to happen but somehow there is a regular group painting on a Monday.

It is so wonderful to be back painting with a group.

It was meant to be an afternoon session finishing off work from other classes, but a gap emerged in the mornings too, so those attending asked if it could go on all day. It isn’t a taught class; I put up a Still Life, everyone heaves a sigh, a few ummms and errs, then off we go. I have called it practise in the course blurb, but really, it is much more companionable than that.

Monday morning session 9.30am – 1.00pm,  afternoon session 2.00pm – 5.00pm

10 sessions – £200 (one off sessions £25)

If you want to join us contact me:


I often get comments like”I wish you did classes on a Thursday’ or,’I look after the Grandchildren on a Wednesday’. Everyone has so many different commitments throughout the week. If you are  interested in joining a course but it is on a day you can’t fit into your schedule, please tell me. It could well turn out that there are enough of you to open a class on a different day.


The Shipping Forecast, Painting the Squall, the Storm and Poor Visibility

The Shipping Forecast is a well known friend to many, sailors and non-sailors alike. The poetry and rhythms are companions to the insomniac and the early riser.

In this course you will endeavour to capture something of the broadcast, whether you find it alarming, stormy, mysterious, frightening or calming.

We will look at other artists whose work has reflected the sea, storms, or otherwise. You will be drawing and painting, thinking about colours, tones and textures that inspire similar emotions to the Forecast. The Royal Academy have an Abstract Expressionist exhibition in Autumn 2016. Their essay about this might add to your approach to this Class.

The intimate delivery from the radio opens a world beyond the words.

Painting the Squall, the Storm and Poor Visibility

18th and 19th November, 2015

9.30am –  4.00pm


For more information, or if you want to join the course, please contact Kate Measham on:

The forecast contains:

  • details of gale warnings in force,
  • a general synopsis
  • sea-area forecasts containg forecast wind direction and force, weather and visibility.
shipping forecast sea areas
  • The shipping forecast is issued four times a day at 2300, 0500, 1100, 1700 UTC and covers a period of 24 hours from 0000, 0600, 1200 and 1800 UTC respectively.
  • The waters around the British Isles are divided into 31 sea areas show on the map
  • Gale warnings are issued as required (for winds of Gale Force 8 or more).
  • The forecast, excluding the header line, has a limit of 370 words, and has a very strict format.

There are warnings of gales in Rockall, Malin, Hebrides, Bailey, and Fair Isle Humber, Thames. Southeast veering southwest 4 or 5, occasionally 6 later. Thundery showers. Moderate or good, occasionally poor. Tyne, Dogger. Northeast 3 or 4. Occasional rain. Moderate or poor. Rockall, Malin, Hebrides. Southwest gale 8 to storm 10, veering west, severe gale 9 to violent storm 11. Rain, then squally showers. Poor, becoming moderate. Southeast Iceland. North 7 to severe gale 9. Heavy snow showers. Good, becoming poor in showers. Moderate icing.

Experimental Drawing, part 1

Experimental drawing is a rich dish

Thursday’s class was supposed to be a taster day, but it has been renamed part one, (amuse bouche? appetiser? pseuds corner? moi?) 

The class played with the cornerstone of art classes – The Still Life

After various exercises involving different drawing media, collaborative drawing, drawing with different hands etc, they moved on to design drawings of individual items. These items were removed and the class had to build from their drawings; Blue Peter would have been proud of the cornflake box concoctions. Having made their new bowls, pots and pieces,  the class redrew the still life – staying true to the new forms.

I had great fun watching the still life  through all its various stages of creation. The final forms created a still life that echoed its inspiration, but took it in a new direction. The artists were in control of their work, but the journey brought its own surprises.

If this sort of class sounds of interest to you look out for experimental drawing part 1. Other Experimental Drawing classes will be available as one off days, each with a very different focus.

For more information contact Kate Measham –