Back to School

Taster Day for Art Draw Paint

There was a slight nervousness about the first day of school today. Who will I sit next to?  What time is Break? Where is the loo? All vital questions.  The ice was broken with a game of Pictionary – left handed, holding someone else’s hand etc etc. Some of you will have done it before; for others it may have been a bit of a shock at 9.37am on a Monday morning.

The group worked hard throughout the morning producing some excellent work, often with materials that were new to them. ‘Charcoal rules’ for some, though perhaps not for all.

Art Draw Paint

This course starts on Monday 28th September. Please contact me if you wish to join it.  There will be 10 classes covering different materials, and different aspects of drawing and painting.  It is a taught class and you will be encouraged to try things you haven’t done before. It may get messy. It will be hard work but it will be interesting, fun, and by the end you will know how to approach a drawing.

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