Yesterday I was one of the lucky people at Wimbledon, in the scorching sun, watching Lleyton Hewitt playing his final match. It was wonderful, exciting tennis in a match that lasted over 4 hours.

The thing that made yesterday even more special was that I was enjoying it with my friend Vivien, laughing at the Aussie Fanatics, admiring the strength of the tennis and watching the lady in front of us get very burnt. Looking around us there were mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, friends, and relations in every direction. Nobody seemed to be there alone.

If you want to come to an art class with a friend, or relation, I will give you a discount of 10% on both tickets.  This is available for any class until Christmas – just say at the time of booking.

5 thoughts on “Wimbledon”

  1. Lol – you will come across as heartless, taking pleasure in watching a woman burn!!!

    On Tuesday, 30 June 2015, ART DRAW PAINT – art courses in Hampshire, and


  2. Kate

    Good idea – incentive to introduce new clients! Co- incidentally I have just given your details to Clive who does life drawing with me, but he is doing a summer school at the slade so it wont be immediate.

    Kind regards



  3. Lucky you. Although I personally found the fanatics pretty annoying and I could at least switch over to another match

    I am afraid I won’t be able to join you at Longstock after all as something has come up

    Love Chrissie x

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