5 things to pack in your holiday art bag


It is holiday time of year -Packing is an art form -I ALWAYS take too many things with me on holiday.

When I go on holiday I have plans, aspirations, good intentions, and hopes – I’m sure you know what I mean. I used to pack accordingly, and on arrival I was almost too scared to open my very heavy art bag.

This does not need to happen. Less is more, as always.

List of Five Essential Items

Famous Fishing cap ready to go in my holiday ART bag Famous Fishing cap ready to go in my holiday ART bag

  1. 1 sketchbook, no bigger than A4 (possibly a handbag size one as well but you will NEVER use both)
  2. 1 roll masking tape (small)
  3. 2 x Faber Castell thick pencils, 3B and 7B, 2 x diposable WH Smith retractable pencils with rubbers on the end
  4. 2 black waterproof pens of different thicknesses
  5. 1 set KohiNoor soluble dyes and a medium size…

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2 thoughts on “5 things to pack in your holiday art bag”

  1. Hi Kate, Ironic re holiday bag – I forgot all the art things I was going to bring to France and ended up buying a little pink pad and pencil on the boat coming over – but I have been doing some drawing especially all the elderly who had fallen asleep on the ferry! Thanks so much for the delicious lunch last Monday. The drawing in Oxford sounds fun. Jacky

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    1. Is the pencil pink on the inside or the outside? Sorry not to be in France. It’s been wet and very windy here. Ashmolean should be interesting. I went to British museum yesterday. V good exhib on beauty


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