From Longstock Park Nursery to Wherwell Priory Studio

ART DRAW PAINT - art courses in Hampshire, and beyond

Longstock Park Nursery and Farm Shop is part of the John Lewis /Waitrose Group ( It has wonderful gardens with very well maintained borders, brick and flint walls, greenhouses, shops and a variety of things for sale. The Farm Shop sells a number of vegetables from the Leckford farms, and from other local sources. Its coffee shop and cafe is a wonderful place to grab a bit to eat, and a moment to pause and think about what you are doing.

I love going to Longstock to draw, focusing on the patterns, textures and colours of this busy working environment. I am running a course there on 13th to 16th July. It is a chance for you to create a piece of art based on research on site, and reflection in the studio. There will be a large element of sketching and visual note taking, followed by painting.

greenhouse, longstock park nurseryInitially, you will…

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