Tone and Colour

paysage auxPainting, colour and tone

I have been planning the next class for my Charcoal into Oil Painting group and wondering how much longer they will put up with me banging on about tone. BUT TONE MATTERS. It doesn’t matter what colour you paint a tree; if you get the tone right it will work.

A strong use of tone releases you from the tyranny of trying to match a colour.

You can play around with any colour, use any palette so long as the tone works. Suddenly colour and painting become more fun.

If you want to come to the colour into tone: tone into colour class or the Charcoal into Oil Painting Course join us for the morning at 9.30am on Thursday 14th May, at Wherwell. It does not matter if you haven’t been with us for earlier classes on this course. The painting element of the morning will be using oils, and we will be doing another tonal drawing using charcoal. More classes in this course over the next few weeks.

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